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Client Testimonials

Neena. Thank you so much for the reading today. I was very excited all week waiting for my reading day. Thank you for your guidance your patience explaining the cards and the time you took to answer my questions. You were very accurate in your reading and I pray 🙏🏼that your predictions come true. You have been a blessing in my spiritual guidance, you confirm my spiritual journey in the reading🙏🏼🙏🏼

I will follow your advice and will share my progress with you.

Victoria, USA

Thank you so very much. I can't tell you how much relaxed and relieved i am felling after your reading. I just feel like everything is already taken care by highest almighty and I was wasting my time in worrying too much. I have heard so much about your reading and today saw the not only glimpse but the real picture of it. Your readings were 100% meaningful and true that I was just wondering how. But I am just thankful and blessed that I got you. Your readings showed me all the guidance and motivation I was looking for.

Dimple, India

I had suggested a very good friend to take tarot session from you. She had her session today with you. She absolutely loved it and is very happy about it. Thank you so much. 🤗

Nitika, India

Dear Neena Ji, thank you sooooooo much for the amazing tarot card readings. It was overwhelming to see how relevant it was for me. I was talking to you for the first time and it was so therapeutic. After talking to you and seeing my cards I am so relieved and happy. Thank you so much for your time and beautifully explaining everything to me.

Gurleen - India

Thank you so much Neena for my reading, you touched on some much that’s going on in my life at the moment, so emotional it brought me to tears. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, your wisdom and support spreading your positivity, you’ve given me the confidence to overcome the negativity and to just let go and live my life as I should. You truly are an amazing person and I’m glad our paths have met and I look forward to speaking to you again and thank you in advance for the crystals I can’t wait to receive, sending you big love xxxxx

Antonella - UK

Hi Neena! Thank you so much for the reading. All that you had mentioned are accurate...such as, the things I went through in the past few months, finances, health etc. I am really satisfied with all the readings/answers. I am so grateful to hear of the beautiful start of the New Year and thank you the Guidance for this year 2021! God Bless...Take care and stay safe ma’am.

Margaret - USA

Hi Neena ji

I am so so grateful to you that you did it for me personally. i don't have words to express, you are such a beautiful soul.

I am thankful to have you in my life and day by day i fee like i am coming more closer to you as a person. Really we all are blessed to have you.

It resonates very well with my situation,i have already quit the job and i am looking for a new one,so stress is basically bcoz of my previous job and also that i am in search of a new one.

I am happy to hear that there is going to be some transformation and i am waiting for that.

Poof.😇.. so much stress i can feel is already gone.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.🙏😊

Neha - Canada

Hi Neenna

Thank you so much for the tarot reading session.

I'm so grateful that I had the session with you today. Everything that you mentioned is really true, about my health, finance, myself, my parents. I'm speechless after hearing your explanation after you take the cards because they are so accurate.

Thank you so much for the guidance in the Law of Attraction courses and also the tarot reading today.

My mind is so clear as I know the solution for some of my issues.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Neenna

God bless you and your daughter always.

This is a wonderful service you are doing for people.

Love you always Neenna 😘😘😘

Yamini - Malasia

Sweet sweet Neena!Thank you, thank you, thank you so much🙏! You brought my spirit back to life with hope and so much Love ❤The guidence, tips, actions and what to do are priceless. So so grateful! Speaking with you (again, you have such a lovely voice) was very inspiring and you made me laugh wich I’m also very grateful for.I’am so exited to start with everything you leared me 😍I’m very thankful that you crossed my path and I wish💫 for many many people to have a conversation with you like I did, Iearned so much and loved every minute of the coversation we had💖. I will carry this guidence in my heart always and when negative thoughts creep in I will hear your voice telling my what to do.💞💫🙏

Janet - Netherlands