About Me

As my life has now transformed and changed 100% for the better, I’d like to share my journey of the Law of Attraction with you. May my journey help inspire all divine souls who come across my article so they to can experience their new life.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

In 2017, the month of July, I was introduced to the LOA practice. It came when I was on the verge of going into a depression, and was always feeling shattered and broken. I could never have believed at that time there was such a simple practice that would give me so many reasons to live and transform.

Once I was introduced to the LOA, with all my faith, I started my journey. I had a long wishlist which had been gathering dust over the years, as I had no faith or trust in life itself. But, with help from the LOA, I cleared the dust and took my wishlist from my heart space and penned them all down on paper and started with practising GRATITUDE.

My each and every day starts with gratitude and ends with gratitude. I have all those dated diaries, where every gratitude is noted religiously. I used to have tremendous work pressures so I would skip my meals just to ensure that I journaled all my gratitudes.

My wishlist is very very very long and I believe, THOUGHTS IN YOUR MIND, BECOME THINGS IN YOUR HAND, this has been my experience with LOA and manifesting things into my life. The miracles just started happening and the wishes began turning into realities, that’s how the MAGIC began in my life.

I will share a few of my manifestations and wishes which came true with the blessing of Universe which might give you the reader, an idea of how LOA can brighten up your life.
  • I started the LOA and Gratitude practice in July 2017 and got the keys to my new dream car within a I saw the car in a showroom with the registration number ‘5222’ and was so impressed as the sequence is considered to be an angel number. When I entered the showroom, the executive gave me my car keys post completion of paperwork. To my surprise, my new car’s number was ‘9222’ again an angel number which was a magical moment for me.
  • I was wishing for a job change, within 3 months; I switched my job as per the designation and package I wanted. After joining I realised that I should have mentioned other comforts as well, i.e. timing, distance, Saturday off which I did not say earlier. So again I made my wishlist and a letter to the universe, to my very big surprise, I manifested another job within 4 months with all the benefits that I was writing in my diary.
  • In April 2018, I randomly wrote down my wish of becoming a motivational speaker and a coach, where I can guide people and let them transform their lives the way I’ve done. I kept on thinking about my wish, I used to feel it and was intending to start my workshop from 1st July 2018, the same date when I complete my first year practicing Law of Attraction and manifesting things. Let me share, It happened my workshop started from 1st July 2018.