Chintamani Stone ( saffordite - priced per pc )

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Cintamani - one from the tektite family, Saffordite aka Chintamani is a very powerful crystal. Considered to be dating back to the times of Mahabharat, this is considered to be effective to relieve one from all worries and to manifest whatever one desires. Chintamani - the one which relieves chinta and this takes away all worries.
Like other tektites this is amazing manifestation crystal formed due to meteor impact on earth, however as every tektite is different energy construct, so is this. It is more rare than Moldavite, more intense than a Tibetan Tektite and the energy is completely out of the world. It helps to be centered and composed with focused energy channelizing thru the entire nervous system. Enables to open up to universe shedding all the binding belief systems and ties. True sense of freedom is realized once connect is made with this divine crystal. every single pc is unique and is priced as per pc.